Founded in 2012 by creative director Ian Hargrove, AgainstAllOdds likes to walk the line between classic and contemporary and blur the space between chic and cool, all the while working to keep charitably committed. 

-- "The clothes tend to be really varied in texture.  We love an interesting print and bounce around a lot from collection to collection.   Look for quirky design details and style lines, but never over the top, the goal is to wear the stuff after all, right?" -- 

Ian and the AgainstAllOdds team share a like minded approach to fashion, seeing it more as a widely accepted luxury, rather than a necessary one.  They love it (obviously) but make it a point to never take it too seriously.  

-- "Chicago is inherently conflicted and it's that tension that makes the Chicago women so unique, friendly for the most part, kind of feisty, and always fearless.  That's the girl I like to dress." --

AgainstAllOdds is proud to call Chicago home.  Ian is inspired by the Chicago woman and the city itself, each neighborhood unique and beautiful and Ian sees the AAO girl in all of them.  

 -- "I have not always been especially charitable, but when I started AgainstAllOdds I really realized how important it is to have social conscience, especially as a company.  Giving makes us happy and happy people make happy clothes." --

Each season, Ian and the AgainstAllOdds team try to partner with a local charity or non-for-profit.  They work to encourage both public awareness of the cause as well as help in raising financial support.  They encourage you to reach out and contact them if you are aware of a local organization you are passionate about.