Campaign Video

The AgainstAllOdds team was lucky enough to work with cinematographer Phil Hosticka on the campaign video for the inaugural  Pre-Spring 2014 RTW capsule collection.  Thank god he knows what he's doing because it was pretty clear going into it that we didn't.  AgainstAllOdds had never been involved with anything video related, and although Ian can direct a still shoot well and has an idea of what the final product will look like, anything moving is another story.  Ian and the team briefed Phil as to an idea and let him and his assistant go to work.  The final product is nothing short of amazing, Colleen and the clothes look amazing and we couldn't be happier as a team.  Also special thanks to the original score for the short promo video by Alec Biccum, Morgan and Tiffany Mehaulic for their beautiful jewelry and art work, Joann Boznos for hair and makeup, and as always Erin Dufour for her styling of the pieces and art direction.  

Heres the video take a look and enjoy.