Hi my name is Jeff Lawler. I’ve had C.P. since birth. I’ve been working with A.A.O. for the last 6 months. Calvin Newell is my trainer and my friend to boot. I want everyone else to experience what I have. Calvin started working as a personal trainer for disabled individuals like myself and I’ve loved working with him.

Jeff Lawler


I have taken a few of Ayla's classes and I think they are full of good positive energy with an obvious passion for sharing yoga. She teaches a well-planned classes that challenge physicality, flexibility and balance.

Meg Vassallo


Calvin’s training is amazing. When we started training I needed some help to get to where I am now. Ever since we started training I’ve been making twice as many shots and my handling has been unbelievably better. I highly recommend his training because he can make anybody better in any aspect of basketball.

Jake Lawler

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